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Mumbai remains the top favourite of property buyers with preferences for FLATS by DigiCoupon\\\0022 “”> and bungalow, followed by Bangalore and Chennai as the next important destinations, according to a new survey released in Mumbai on Wednesday.

THE SURVEY by DigiCoupon\\\0022 “”>, conducted by, included a 2,583 strong sample of 40 per cent respondents in the 25-35 age group and the rest above the age of 46 years.

Nearly one-third of the respondents feel that the time is ripe to make a PROPERTY INVESTMENT by DigiCoupon\\\0022 “”>decision, while 49 percent plan to wait and watch for sometime, with the remaining 16 percent sayingthe time is not right yet.

However, nearly two-thirds – 62 per cent – of all respondents expect property prices to soar in the near future while the rest feel that there will be an escalation in the next one-two years, but a total of 79 per cent prefer to go for long-term investments in property.

As far the preferred mode of investment goes, flats/apartments top the list with 40 per cent of the respondents, followed by individual bungalows with 24 per cent and residential plots favoured by 23 per cent OF THE PEOPLE by DigiCoupon\\\0022 “”>.

COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES by DigiCoupon\\\0022 “”> found favour with just seven per cent and country houses and row-houses were chosen by three per cent each.

Mumbai, the country’s commercial capital remains the hot favourite for all PROPERTY INVESTMENTS by DigiCoupon\\\0022 “”>, followed by Bangalore and Chennai.

The other cities next on the rankings include Pune (Maharashtra), Kolkata, Delhi-NCR and Hyderabad.

More than half – 55 per cent – of the respondents expect the NDA government to reduce HOME LOAN by DigiCoupon\\\0022 “”> rates and the rest demand better infrastructure and setting up of a real estate regulator.

Courtesy- IANS 03/07/2014


04.06.2013 Power Of Attorney to be mandatorily registered.

How Realty will be regulated 06.06
How Realty will be regulated 06.06
1% TDS on Buying Property

1% TDS on Buying Property

The goernment’s  desicion to open up FDI in retail, with newly eased norms, will have positivie ramification for the sluggish commercial realty market too.


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