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Dosti Flamingos

Building Name : Dostio Flamingos.
Location : Sewri.
Configuration : 3 BHK.
Area : 1256 sq.ft.Built Up.
Car Park : 1 Car Park .
Price : 4.10Cr.
Bay View/East Facing.

Dosti Flamingo Overview: Flamingos always live in harmony with the environment. They fly great distances to find the ideal home for a better life. Gregarious by nature, flamingos make friends easily and live together as a happy family. Exactly the way you desire to settle down in serene surroundings with your loved ones. Dosti Flamingo by Dosti Group offers you serene surroundings to settle down with your loved ones.

Keeping in mind, your passion for a perfect, peaceful and well-planned home, we have designed an out-of-this-world residential complex. What else could we have named it but Dosti Flamingos. Dosti Flamingos is a place where you can just lay back and relish the sight of every locale in our bustling Mumbai city, be soothed by the view of the tranquil sea face of Worli or even steal a refreshing gaze at the effervescent Bandra band-stand, all from the luxurious comforts of your very own, towering Flamingo home. Come winter and you are ready to be mesmerised by the exotic sight of gorgeous flocks of flamingos that fly in from the north. The enthralling sight of those magnificent, rare birds would surely make anyone bow down to the sheer beauty of our mother nature. Thats not all, even our city most exotic heritage sites like the Gateway of India and the Elephanta caves shall always be there for your viewing pleasure- right at your home.

Kindly provide 1 days notice to arrange the inspection.
Contact : harealty24@gmail.com
Mobile : 8422050540/9820072360

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